Adapter: Rasenrakel to Wolf-handle

A handle adapter is generally not necessary because the Rasenrakel is designed for a standard handle with a diameter of 1.1 inch (wood, fiberglass, etc.)

Would you like to use your WOLF-handle with the Rasenrakel? No problem. Your suitable adapter is mounted in just a few simple steps.

✔ Made of V2A stainless steel - Extremely durable

✔ Exact fit for the original Rasenrakel - No modification necessary

✔ Made in Germany - High quality product

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We attach great importance to the fact that our adapters, just like the Rasenrakel and the hand aerator, is not only manufactured in Germany, but also that all accessories come directly from the region.

We try not only to protect the environment with very short distances, but also to support regional partners.

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