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The Rasenrakel

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The original RISISANI® "Rasenrakel" lawn levelling rake

✅ Made of V2A stainless steel
Extremely durable

✅ Rounded edges
No damage to plants

✅ Specially edged stem mount
Perfect hold for the handle

✅ Adapters available for Wolf & Gardena
Maximum compatibility

✅ 31,5 x 13,8 inches and 7.5 lbs
Can be used anywhere

✅ Made in Germany
High quality product from Germany

✅ Immediately deliverable
No import, no waiting time

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About us

Welcome to RISISANI.

What sounds like an Italian fashion label is actually the abbreviation of our first names. Because we are a small family business that consists of a female and male boss, as well as a junior female and male boss.

We put great importance on the fact that our Rasenrakel is not only manufactured in Germany, but also that all accessories come directly from the same region. From the smallest screw to the packaging, we try to not only to protect the environment though very short sourcing distances, but also to support regional partners.

If you have any questions about the Rasenrakel or regarding your order, please get in touch. With us you won’t end up in a hotline, you can always reach us personally!