The original RISISANI® lawn levelling rake made of V2A stainless steel. - RISISANI Rasenrakel US

Original RASENRAKEL - Stainless steel RISISANI® lawn leveling rake

✅ Made of V2A stainless steel
Extremely durable
✅ Rounded edges
No damages to the plants
✅ Specially edged handle holder
Perfect hold for the handle
✅ Adapters available for Gardena & Wolf
Maximum compatibility
✅ 31,5 x 13,8 inches, 7.5 lbs
Can be used everywhere 
✅ Made in Germany
High quality product from Germany
✅ Always in stock
Delivered within 5-7 days by FedEx

+ Deliverable immediately 
+ Made in Germany
+ FedEx delivery in 3-7 days
+ Top ratings on Trustpilot and Google

The original RISISANI® "Rasenrakel", the lawn leveling rake made of V2A stainless steel. Sand lawns, level lawns, create new areas in the garden, apply top dressing, and much more.

Sanding the lawn allows more air to reach the roots and creates a natural drainage. The result is a level, perfect, strong and rich green lawn as found on golf courses.

The Ideal handle length for the Rasenrakel is 72 inches. This is the best length for "raking". You can use a standard wooden handle.

Alternative accessories: 
» Premium Adapter for Gardena combisystem handle to Rasenrakel
» Adapter for Gardena combisystem handle to Rasenrakel
» Adapter for WOLF-Garten handles Rasenrakel

(Adapters are generally not necessary, because the handle holder is designed for any standard wooden handle and you can start right away!)


The Rasenrakel is delivered without a handle, as it makes no sense to send a long handle, as we - as a small retailer - would have to pay very high shipping costs for it, which others would add to the product price. We prefer to concentrate on top quality. 🌱