What does sanding do to your lawn?

What does sanding do to your lawn?

In this post we have already talked about the basic advantages that you get by sanding the lawn.

Due to the small air pockets that are created between the round grains of sand, your soil gets significantly more air and water can be absorbed much better.

Now that you can no longer see the sand on the surface, the first successes will appear very quickly, which you can also see in your plants. You will notice the rich, strong green of the plants and the roots can "breathe" properly again. The lawn not only becomes flatter because the sand levels the hollows, but also thicker and stronger.

If after a few weeks you cut out a cross-section from the surface, it can look like this, for example:

Rasenrakel Rasen sanden und ebnen

In this picture it can be clearly seen that at the point where the sand is, there was previously a dip in the lawn and that was completely leveled by the lawn levelling rake. The plants here can grow through the sand and form a straight surface again.


Rasenrakel Rasen sanden und ebnen

Here it is easy to see how the sand has penetrated the previously lacerated soil and ensures that the soil can absorb more air and water right down to the roots of the plants. The lawn can grow again, it prevents waterlogging and as well as moss from spreading.


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