How do you go about sanding the lawn?

How do you go about sanding the lawn?

In order to get the best results with sanding your lawn and really help the soil, you should not just scatter the sand on the lawn. Of course that doesn't help.
Ideally, you proceed in the following steps:

  • Mow the lawn nice and short
  • Scarifying (or even aerating)
  • Thoroughly remove the lawn thatch (if necessary, mow again with a sickle mower with good suction)
  • Roughly pour sand onto the lawn
  • Work the sand into the surface with the lawn levelling rake

By now your lawn will look so scary that there will be tears in your eyes and you will doubt your decision. But after two weeks you will see the result:

Rasenrakel Rasen sanden

From now on the sand can also sink into the soil and show its effect there. In this article, we have explained exactly how sand helps your soil.

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