How long is the sand visible on the lawn?

How long is the sand visible on the lawn?

After you have gone through all the preparatory measures for sanding, the question quickly arises how long it will look "so terrible".

In short: it depends.

On the one hand, of course, on how much sand you have used and on the given circumstances. On an already relatively flat surface the sand disappears very quickly, as it seeps into the ground and the lawn becomes compacted by the sand.

But if you are dealing with larger uneven areas, it may take a few days to disappear.

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If the dipped areas are not too deep, the grass will work its way through again after a few days. If the holes are too deep, however, we would advise to re-sow these areas with top soil or special lawn soil.

Normally, after 10-14 days, the sand on the surface is no longer visible and the first results are not far away.

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