What tasks can the Rasenrakel help me with?

What tasks can the Rasenrakel help me with?

The lawn levelling rake is the ideal companion for you and your garden. From building your new house to creating new garden and lawn areas, to regular sanding, to sand bunker maintenance.

Rasenrakel Rasen sanden und ebnen

The "foundation" is particularly important when creating a new lawn area. If you are not preparing a flat surface correctly, your beloved lawn will be a hilly landscape for a long time. With the lawn levelling rake you can create a perfectly flat surface in no time at all.

In addition, it is of course the ideal device for sanding your lawn. Thanks to its special production, it glides effortlessly over the grass and is gentle on the plants. 

It is also used a lot in civil engineering. Many gardening and landscaping companies tell us that they use it to level driveways and gravel.


The lawn levelling rake has also found its way into many cities and villages that use it to maintain their sports fields. Not only real turf pitches, but also artificial turf pitches in particular, which are of course also sanded regularly.

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