Top dressing with sand

Why should you sand your lawn?

Sanding and reseeding the lawn. What has contributed to a dense and lush green on soccer fields and golf courses for many years, is also a must for pros in their home garden: top dressing with sand.

If you love and care for your lawn, you should be giving your green a sand treatment twice a year. The results are incredible.

  • Sanding loosens compared soils
  • Heavy soils become more permeable
  • No more waterlogging as the sand helps the drainage
  • The soil is aired more effectively
  • A smooth surface is created and unevenness is evened out

Ideally, you should use round-grained, washed and lime-free quartz sand (e.g. Rhine sand) on your lawn.

Rasenrakel Rasen sanden 

The amount of sand needed depends on your personal circumstances and the steps you have already taken. As a rule of thumb, you should use about 5 liters of sand per m² of lawn.