Lawn coring aerator in stainless steel

✔ Extremely durable
Made of high-quality stainless steel

✔ Open tread
Ideal for central force distribution

✔ Interchangeable spoons
20 mm hollow spoons included in the scope of delivery

✔ CE handles
Rubberized and non-slip for a secure grip

✔ Quality product from Germany
Made in Germany

✔ Perfect handling
40 inch, 5.7 lbs 

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If the soil is very compacted, you should aerate it (not to be confused with aerating!).

The RISISANI hand aerator is used to poke holes in the soil. You can then simply push the poked out pieces of soil (cors) off the lawn with the help of a snow shovel and compost them.

The now created holes are now evenly filled with lawn sand and the Rasenrakel .

The soil is immediately massively loosened, root growth is thus stimulated and waterlogging can drain away easily.





The sand not only levels out unevenness, but also seeps into the soil over time and, with the gaps between the grains, ensures better aeration of the entire root zone.



In the soil, the sand ensures that more water initially reaches the roots directly, but that the loosening of the soil also allows it to drain off better and waterlogging is prevented.



The result is an even, healthy and strong green lawn without waterlogging, moss and unevenness. With more air and water, the lawn will regain deep roots and become resilient.

Premium quality without compromise

Made in Germany

We attach great importance to the fact that our hand aerator, just like the Rasenrakel, is not only manufactured in Germany, but also that all accessories come directly from the region.

From the CE handles to the packaging, we try not only to protect the environment with very short distances, but also to support regional partners.

Wechselbare Spoons

Hochwertige und auswechselbare 20 mm Edelstahl Spoons.


Ökologische Premium-Griffe - made in Germany - sorgen für festen Halt und gesunde Hände.

Offene Trittfläche

Durch die offene Trittfläche ist eine ideale mittige Kraftübertragung mit dem Fuß möglich.


Alle Verbindungen sind professionell geschweißt und dauerhaft haltbar.

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