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RASENRAKEL XXL-160 Premium (63 inch)

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The biggest one: PREMIUM RASENRAKEL XXL-160

Extremely durable - Made of high quality stainless steel
No damage to plants - Rounded edges
Maximum compatibility - adapters available for Wolf, Gardena & Fiskars
Quality product from Germany - Made in Germany
Perfect handling - 63 x 12 inch, 17.5 lbs weight

• Fast & secured delivery with FedEx in approximately 7 days

The Rasenrakel - your tool for the perfect lawn


The original RISISANI® Rasenrakel made of high-quality, rust-free V2A stainless steel. Perfect for sanding the lawn, leveling it, creating new surfaces in the garden, and much more. Sanding the lawn allows more air to reach the roots and creates natural drainage for the lawn. The result is a smooth, perfect and lush green lawn, just like on the golf course.


The Rasenrakel is the ideal companion for you and your garden. It doesn't matter whether you are creating a new garden or lawn or for regular sanding to care for a beautiful lawn. The "foundation" is particularly important when creating a new lawn. If you don't prepare a really flat surface here, your beloved green will be a hilly landscape for a long time. With the Rasenrakel you can create an absolutely level surface in no time at all.


The application is very easy and saves a lot of time when caring for the lawn. Regardless of whether it is wagging, leveling or applying top dressing, with the original RISISANI® Rasenrakel all these work steps are completed in no time.

Want to use a branded stem?

Order the right adapter directly with:

» Rasenrakel to Gardena-handle
» Rasenrakel to Wolf-handle
» Rasenrakel to Fiskars-handle

An adapter is basically not necessary, as the handle holder is designed for any standard wooden or fiberglass handle in a diameter of 1.1 inches and you can get start right away!

Suitable handle mount

The handle mount is suitable for any standard wooden or fiberglass handle with a diameter of approx. 1.1 inches.

Use a long handle for back-friendly work. A handle is not included in the scope of delivery, as this excess length cannot be transported and a handle that can be assembled is absolutely unsuitable for this work.

The Rasenrakel in action

The YouTube-channel Silvercymbal has tested the Rasenrakel:

Order the appropriate adapter

In principle, no adapter is required for the Rasenrakel. With its special handle holder, it is generally designed for a standard wooden or fiberglass handle with a diameter of 1.1 inches.

If you're a fan of Gardena, Fiskars or Wolf garden tools, you probably already have a favorite handle for these. In order to be able to easily use your handle on the Rasenrakel, you need one of our corresponding stainless steel adapters:

Choose your Rasenrakel size

Do you have a larger or even very large lawn and/or would you like to be able to level out larger bumps in the area? No problem! Choose the ideal Rasenrakel in your size:

Your benefits with RISISANI

Quick Delivery

It has to be fast. Your order will be delivered within 5 to 7 days with FedEx to USA & Canada.



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Passion for green and healthy lawns

Welcome to RISISANI

What sounds like an Italian fashion label is actually the abbreviation of our first names. Because we are a small family business that consists of a female and male boss, as well as a junior female and male boss.

We put great importance on the fact that our Rasenrakel is not only manufactured in Germany, but also that all accessories come directly from the same region. From the smallest screw to the packaging, we try to not only to protect the environment though very short sourcing distances, but also to support regional partners.

If you have any questions about the Rasenrakel or regarding your order, please get in touch. With us you won’t end up in a hotline, you can always reach us personally!

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